The National Group of IMA Iceland

The National Committee of IMA - International Management Assistants in Iceland, was established in 1983.

The highlights of our work must be the three international events we have hosted. However what is more important is our continuous work every year with our members, without them we would not exist.

  • IMA Iceland was founded November 9th, 1983 by eight members of the Club of Secretaries.

    The group counted only fourteen members when the first EAPS annual conference was organised in Iceland and hosted 1986.
    The highlight of that conference was to be invited by the president of Iceland, Vigdis Finnbogadottir to the presidents’ residence at Bessastaðir. Vigdís was also one of EAPS patrons.

    All members of EUMA Iceland live and work around the capital, Reykjavík, which makes choosing of meeting places easy comparing to some other countries.

    The group publishes the yearly magazine Impetus, which means Drifkraftur in Icelandic. Read more Icelandic group of IMA

  • International Conference in 1999 & 2012

    EUMA Iceland organised and hosted the 25th annual conference in 1999 which was a great success with over 300 participants.

    In September 2012 EUMA Iceland hosted the 38th International conference, and now for the third time.
    Participants were around 200. The Theme of the conference was “Culture and Values: Software of the Mind”. We learned how a young woman in a big international firm manages to fit Icelandic values into the company culture of a multi-national company. We must know where we come from and where we are heading in order to make our dreams come true.

    The foundation of any business has to be the ability to exchange ideas and really listen to the ideas from others. It is important to broaden our minds, share ideas and gain a mutual understanding. For our future existence it is vital to pay attention to the way we utilize Mother Earth and all her good gifts to mankind. We must learn how to be wise and use our knowledge in order to leave the earth in a better condition than it was in when we arrived here.

National Committee IMA Iceland 2016-2017 consists of the following officers who are at your disposal for any questions or information you may require. Please feel free to contact them for positive or constructive feedback and input.

  • National Chairman

    Guðrún Erla Leifsdóttir

    S67 ehf.
    Lindarberg 60,
    221 Hafnarfjordur T: +354 863 9969 E:

  • National PRO

    Sigrún Sigfúsdóttir

    Gigtarfélag Íslands/
    The Icelandic League against Rheumatism
    Ármúla 5/
    108 Reykjavík
    T: +354 530 3600 E: []

  • National Treasurer

    Björg Jóhannesdóttir

    Tryggingamiðstöðin hf.
    Síðumúla 24, 108 Reykjavík
    T: +354 515 2607
    T: +354 820 5292
    E: []

  • Co-Member

    Elísabet Magnúsdóttir

    Ráðhús Reykjavíkur Reykjavik City Council,
    101 Reykjavík
    T: +354-411 4100
    M: +354-848 5005 E: []

  • Co-Member

    Sigrún Elfa Ingvarsdóttir

    Hagasmára 3,
    201 Kópavogi
    T: +354 440 4000
    E: [.is]

Membership Information

Personal Membership

If you are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding diploma or degree or with corresponding working experience in our profession, please apply here.

The IMA Iceland membership fee is ISK 20.000.

Corporate Membership

In our network we also welcome companies we - as Management Support Professionals - usually work with (such as hotel chains, stationary suppliers, travel agencies, recruiting firms) and trainers, speakers, HR consultants, etc. in our network.

Please apply here.


Impetus - Moving Forward

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